Home From Work Heading

The form maintained by this particular body of work is that of a Monopoly house. My selection of the Monopoly house developed from a growing fascination or perhaps better stated, obsession I have with the Monopoly house. This obsession came as a surprise to me, since it is one of the most recognizable symbols from a game I hated as a child. The premise of the game presents robber-baron style capitalism as something light and fun. I never found it fun. Playing the game with my family presented frustrations, such as trying to cope with the cheating and "fast talk" of my older siblings. Today it challenges my views of what constitutes a home, not just for me, but locally and globally; prefab and custom built; a household for a family; and business with banks, brokers and lenders.

This idea that there is a definable notion of "home" gains importance for me with each passing year, yet its definition still feels foreign and unattainable. I was not born here, but nor was I born in a place that is much different than here. I am different, but not noticeably different. I belong, but I don't. The answers are all thinly veiled, but veiled all the same.

Wrapped up in this notion of "home" is my quest to define "home" for myself. The current political and socioeconomic climate has seen the country thrust into a home mortgage crisis, which followed the housing bubble and is on the brink of the coming "Green" housing boom. Within all of this, where does one find one's own home?

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